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“It is not the Destination but the Journey that counts” – True to this, is the journey of Lensmangops Pictures till date. Since 2008 this has been the most enriching and an incredible journey for us. To mark our 5th year of existence comes the 1000 Likes of our LGP Facebook page. Another feather to LGP’s cap )) Kudos team! We are reaching each milestone slowly and steadily.


After an amazing magical journey with our “Maayasiragu (the magical wing)”, Lensmangops Pictures is now back with its next short film  “Aghavizhi (the inside eye)” in association with SK Films. 

A new dream spun by a team of upcoming and most-talented technicians and artists. Presenting to you the first two teasers of “Aghavizhi“:

Teaser 1http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W41yhQ97BPc

Teaser 2http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjAq8VvMOBU

Teaser 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBM_RUOCVZw



Maayasiragu, true to its name, has been spreading its magical wings wide and far. But, yesterday it took us completely by surprise. We were blessed with a rare opportunity to meet one of the veterans of our film industry Mr.Balu Mahendra sir. Thanks to one of his students “Mani Sekar” from ‘Balu Mahendra Cinema Pattarai’ whom we met @ Bangalore Short Film Festival, for getting us this memorable moment!

For details, please visit: https://lensmangops.wordpress.com/1-maayasiragu/a-lifetime-experience-rare-precious-moments/


Lensmangops Pictures adds CANON EOS 7D to its asset! The prestigious camera that made films like “The Black Swan” & “Stanley ka dabba”, is now ours! Look out for a visual treat from us soon 🙂



Glimpse of our FUTURE Projects

One of our FUTURE DREAM projects – ABHI – A film by Gopakumar


Lensmangops Pictures proudly announces the launch of its second short film ‘The Ballad of the Waves‘.

Director/Editor/Background score: Gopakumar; Writer: Gopakumar & Guru; Cinematographer: Prabhu Prasad; Music (Title Track): Sanjeev T Cast: Berkin,Guru,Maheswaran,Ramesh,Vivek,Sunil; Genre: Drama 30mts.

You can enjoy the movie from the following links:

Youtube : 2 Links

Part 1:

Part 2:

Vimeo Link:

You can view in single link and also download the movie from here:

Enjoy the film and share your feedback. Thanks much!


Here comes the much awaited ‘trailer’ launch of ‘The Ballad of the Waves’ from Lensmangops Pictures.

Director/Editor/Background score: Gopakumar

Writer: Gopakumar & Guru

Cinematographer: Prabhu Prasad

Music (Title Track): Sanjeev T

Cast: Berkin, Guru, Maheswaran, Ramesh, Vivek, Sunil

Genre: Drama


We cannot choose our family.

…but we can most definitely choose our friends.

The ballad of friendship needs nurture and care.

Egoism has no place in it.

If you’ve lost someone on its ruthless waves,

just remember that it’s still never too late…

Time for a Glimpse of the high tide! Let the ballad of our waves wash over you 🙂

Trailer now available @: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FH_w5ppIgk


2010 had an action-packed ending, and equally action-packed is our 2011 start. Yup, we are through with the Dubbing for the Ballad of the Waves. Our director’s sleepless nights have begun to give you a beautiful Ballad of the Waves, soon, very soon…


Lights-Camera-Action‘ was the year-ending slogan for the Lensmangops team : Gops and Prabhu ensured an action-filled year ending… and now, it’s not long before we have a nice new year treat for all of you!

The Ballad of the WavesComing soon, very soon!


Buzzzzzzzzz! Hello all, are you ready for another short & captivating experience? Wait is not much… Lensmangops Pictures is happy to announce the launch of their second venture, a short film:

The Ballad of the Waves

Coming Soon!!!


Thanks all for the eager response shown to our last discussion topic and sharing your choice! It most definitely had the Director, Gops, thinking 🙂

Aren’t we pleased to say that the work is on for our next venture : Drama, Romance, Thriller, Comedy??? What will it be?? Keep thinking…we will be back soon to resolve this puzzle.


Yet another feather to our cap! Gurinder Khera, owner of a Short Film portal “Intellect-Ideas Films” made us proud by adding ’11:30 PM Camp Road’ to his collection. Thanks Gurinder!

Follow the link below to see us listed and enjoy other short films hosted on the portal:



Following the rave reviews that our movie has generated from all of you, our audience, we have some more exciting news to share! 11:30 Camp Road was nominated by a fan for the “California Short Film Festival”, in the Foreign Language category. We’ve already got a 5 * rating. It being just the initial stage of the competition, this recognition and appreciation is a thunderous appluase in itself!

Click the following link for more details:



Lensmangops Pictures is proud to begin its endeavor in the entertainment world with “11:30 PM, Camp Road”, a 15 mts short film.

Director/Writer/Editor/Background score: Gopakumar

Cinematographer: Purushothaman

Music (Title Track): Sanjeev T

Cast: Maheswaran, Prabhu, Vivek

Genre: Suspense

Synopsis: Set on the events of one day in the lives of three men, “11:30 pm Camp Road” is a passionate tale of friendship and vengeance. The story revolves around the bonding between Mahesh and Prabu, two friends who mean the world to each other, and the circumstances that arise on that fateful night. The night that brings Vivek into their lives…Within the span of that one night, when the need for revenge makes its presence felt, their lives take a complete turn.

You can now view the movie at:

Part 1:

Part 2:

– OR – from any of the links below.

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